About us

Founded on 22nd June 2008

Arun Aashray was set up in memory of our beloved son Arun to serve as a home to nurture with loving care, those children who have no family of their own. With us, they will find the security and warmth of a family and also a good and solid education to help them dream the dreams they want to and achieve the goals that they desire. 



Arun was indeed a most special person. He cared deeply for his family and friends but readily allowed his upbeat nature to extend to complete strangers as well. His generosity and charm seemingly inspired in people an assuredness that we'd scarcely ever imagined life without. 

Arun Aashray is our endeavour to keep his memory alive and to share some of the love he gave to all those that met him, with those little souls who aren't always as fortunate to receive the same. 



We care deeply about our little ones at Arun Aashray and there are few experiences more gratifying than watching them find loving homes and take positive steps in their lives, especially when you consider their fragility when they are first brought into our care. 

Arun Aashray is registered with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and is licensed to facilitate adoptions within and outside India. To adopt a child, one must register online on the CARA website and follow the procedure detailed there.


Saving lives

We are a Registered Charitable Trust since June 2011. So far we have rescued 99 children, some children have been reunited with their biological families while others have found loving homes elsewhere. Some of them within India, while others have gone as far as Malta, Spain. 

Currently we have 17 children between the ages ranging from new born babies upto age 6. We have 2 children with special needs who need constant care.