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An expression of timeless love... A tribute to our beloved son

Who we are


Arun Aashray was set up in memory of our beloved son Arun to serve as a home to nurture with loving care, those children who have no family of their own. With us, they will find the security and warmth of a family and also a good and solid education to help them dream the dreams they want to and achieve the goals that they desire. 

Arun was indeed a most special person. Inherently content and delightfully exuberant, his presence was utterly uplifting. He cared deeply for his family and friends but readily allowed his upbeat nature to extend to complete strangers as well. His generosity and charm seemingly inspired in people an assuredness that we'd scarcely ever imagined life without. 

His absence introduced us to some rather unpleasant facets of life but what prevails in us is an immense appreciation of the time spent with an individual who so unreservedly sought to enrich our lives. 

Whilst the emptiness Arun left behind in those of us who hold him most dear will never cede completely, it brings with it a mindfulness of the existence of so very many people who've never experienced the sort of affection Arun showered upon us everyday. It is with this thought in mind, to keep his memory alive and to share some of that love with those little souls who don't have it, that we founded Arun Aashray. 

Get involved

Whether you want to make a monetary donation, sponsor a child's education or buy us essentials like milk and diapers, we welcome all contributions! 

Sponsor a child

Monthly and yearly sponsorship models for our kids' basic needs or education

Monetary donations

Donate directly via cheque, demand draft or online bank transfer

Donate in kind

Donate medicines, milk powder, food provisions, diapers or medicines

Reach Out


Plot No 40, Good Shepherd Marg,

Opposite Bizbay Mall, Kondhwa,

Pune, Maharashtra 411048


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